– When rent a house, make a Vacation Rental Contract;

– Remember to mention in the rent contract the period, value, if it is allowed or not the presence of animals and the maximum limit of people;

– Keep a trustful employee responsible for house arrangement and breakfast preparation. This will please the lessor and you will be accompanying the rent ongoing;

– Plan with the lessor the arrival and exit in order to wait him;

– Suggestion for maid daily rate responsible for cleaning and cooking. From R$80,00 to R$100,00;

– Try to be treat very well the lessee because he can come back again. Suggestion: make a welcome dinner, offer the first breakfast, and leave some flowers into the house.

– We suggest to keep closed the most delicate and high value decoration objects;

– If you have objects or equipments which you would like to take special care, notify the lessees.