Paraty is one of the few places in the world where one is able to find so many natural beauties such as the forests, the ocean, the waterfalls and the beaches. Specially Paraty´s bay, which is one of the most pleasant areas on the Brazilian coast: perfect for sailing, diving or simply relaxing on a beach. And, with all that, there would be no need for the Historic Center!

Still, living in Paraty has advantages which tourists are not acquainted with, not having to use cars for instance (one can get along well with a bike and some desire). There´s also a kind of natural socialism in the city: as it is common to look around, be it on foot or by bike (the distances are short and cars are not allowed in the Historic Center) and as everyone wears light clothes (bermudas, shorts, tee shirts, flip flops or sneakers) people are not treated for what they have, by the make of their car or by the clothes worn, which usually happens in big cities.

The new inhabitants, or even the ones who buy a vacation house, are people who appreciate nature, art and simplicity. This common lifestyle makes friendships made in Paraty easier and longer.

Surely not everything is perfect in the city: making a living in Paraty is not easy (it´s appropriate to come with enough money until becoming economically stable or, better yet, have an income generated out of Paraty); the public and private health services are not well-equipped for more complicated situations; the sewage system is individual concrete cesspools, among other problems.


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