The first action in order to allow a foreigner acquire a Real Estate in Brazil is to obtain a CPF (individual taxpayer number) in some unity of Federal Revenue (more information by the site or by the number 0300-780300).
In the urban Real Estate acquisition by a foreigner is necessary to present CPF, passaport, residence and marital proof,  in the moment of the deed engrossment.
In the rural Real Estate acquisition for foreigner is necessary, besides the documents above in the moment of deed engrossment, the residence corroboration  in national territory  and, the Real Estate area cannot exceed to 50 (fifty) modules of indefinite exploitation, in continuous and discontinuous area (the size of a module change according to the Real Estate localization).

2.1 Money transfer from abroad to Brazil
In order to open a bank account in Brazilian Banks, the foreigner needs to have, besides CPF and visa, the permanent visa and a residence proof in Brazil.
In order to transfer money from abroad to Brazil, there are two different situations:
1. if the foreigner already has banking account in some Brazilian Bank: it is necessary to ask  the origin bank the money transfer, giving the data to the destination bank as: name, Bank number, agency number and banking account;
2. If the foreigner does not have banking account in Brazil, the maximum value that he can transfer from abroad to himself will be approximately US$ 5,000 (five thousand American dollars) to be withdrawn in cash in some banking agency.
However, he can transfer any amount if banking account already existing in the country (even it is in name of another person)

2.2 Dollar Exchange Rate
There are three different rates to exchange the dollar in Real:
– Commercial Dollar: (used by Central Bank of Brazil in the transfers coming from abroad and in the export and import of goods and services)
– Tourism Dollar: (used for some banking agencies to exchange dollars of foreigner tourist)
– Black Market Exchange: (used by exchange agencies to exchange dollars of tourists and Brazilian people.
In Real Estate transactions, it is used the Black Dollar.

2.3. Financing for Real Estate Purchase
The high interests collected in the Real Estate financing in Brazil, whether by the financial institutions or by the incorporated companies, make any foreigner to give up of asking a loan for it.
Besides, it is not possible to obtain a financing in the country if he does not have permanent visa.

There are 7 (seven) different types of visas:  Transit visa, Tourist Visa and Business Visa of Short Term, Temporary, Permanent, Courtesy, Official and Diplomatic.
The tourist visas: temporary, permanent are the most commonly used to immigrate in Brazil.

3.1 Tourist Visa and Business Visa of Short Term
The Tourist Visa generally requests only a round trip, but it applies only for tourism trips. The visitor with this kind of visa cannot work or supply any kind of technical assistance, not even receive payment for his services in Brazil.
The Business Visa of Short Term can be obtained in any Brazilian Consulate through a company letter that requests the business trips (foreign or Brazilian company), declaring: the trip purpose, names, addresses and phone numbers in Brazil, departure and arrival dates  (anticipated),  financial  and moral responsibility by the visitor during the visit. The business visa allows that the foreigner take part of meetings, conferences, fairs and seminars, visits potential clients, researches the market and performs similar activities. Such foreigners cannot work in Brazil.
The term of both types of visas do not exceed to ninety days, but are prorogated for equal period, summing up the maximum of a hundred eighty days per year.

3.2 Temporary Visa (for Work and other purposes)
For those that come to Brazil by a temporary period, with work purposes, there are following categories of temporary visas:
1. Professionals (this visa is given to individuals which come to Brazil for a temporary period not over two years, initially,  and it can be renewed for  an additional period of two years. This type of visa can be given for foreigners who are temporarily employed in one Brazilian company, in some position which requests special knowledge. The applicant will receive at least part of his salary in Brazil.
2. Artists and sportsmen (the request of this visa should be submitted to the Labor Ministry of Brazil by the Brazilian Organization which is sponsoring the event for which are being requested the foreign services)
3. Foreign Journalist (it is oriented to the foreigner journalist working temporarily in Brazil as correspondents of   the foreign communication company which will give support to the visa request. The applicant cannot receive his salary in Brazil)
4. Crew in ships
5. Researchers scientists (oriented to teachers, technicians, scientist and researchers which intend to perform activities in schools or Brazilian universities, public or private, or even in research institution).
The temporary visas related below do not give allowance to the holder to work in national territory or receive any payment of Brazilian Entity.
1. Study Mission and Religious Mission (one year maximum duration)
2. Student
3. Trainees and Practicing Programs (one year maximum duration)
4. Hospital and Medical Treatment
Note: Spouses and sons company can stay in the country depending on the visa temporary holder for every period given by it. It cannot, however, be employed or perform any work activity while is living in Brazil in temporary situation, but it can make it if the visa is modified for a permanent stay.

3.3 Permanent Visa
The Permanent Visa gives to the foreigner the right of living and working in Brazil indefinitely. The most common ways of obtaining Permanent Visa are:
1. Based on marriage with a Brazilian person (it can be asked after two years of marriage)
2. Based  on having a son in national territory
3. Based on investment of US$50,000  (permanent visa given to the foreigner which intends to stay in Brazil with the purpose of investing proper resources of external origin in productive activities, conditioned to the investment corroboration, in foreign currency, of an amount equal or over to US$ 50,000 (fifty thousand American North dollars). However, the same resolution says that the Immigration National Council can authorize the permanent visa for foreigner which project of investment covers at minimum ten new jobs through the plan presentation of work labor of five year period even the investment amount is under US$ 50,000. The foreigner does not need necessarily open a company %u2013 there is an option of putting this money in a company already existing and becomes a quota holder. The foreigner can also use this way of obtaining visa if in the past already invested US$50,000 in the country).
4. Based on the right of changing a Work Temporary Visa in Permanent Visa (after 4 years of Temporary Visa).
5. Based on the foreigner retirement (for people over 50 years age and with monthly income over US$2,000.

 Other means less common of getting Permanent visa are:
1. Based on a indication of a director appointed pursuant to the bylaws
2. Based on a foreign company having an affiliate or subsidiary company in Brazil, and intend to transfer a director appointed pursuant to the bylaws or manager for a Brazilian company, since the company has US$50,000 of foreign investments registered before Central Bank of Brazil.
3. Based on asylum application or refugee aid.
4. Based on right transforming a Temporary visa in teacher condition, scientist, technician or high level researcher.
5. Based on familiar meeting.

3.4 The practical side
If wishes to obtain the permanent visa but it does not fit in any of the situations above mentioned or your are not scientist, retired, priest, political refugee, do not work in multinational companies and do not want to marry a Brazilian person and nor having a child born in Brazil the best option is to remember that having an investment in the country of US$50,000 or less gives you the right of staying in Brazil. It is hard to differentiate the purchase of Real Estate for residential purpose and for commercial purpose (as hotel for example). There are lawyers specialized in this matter.
Citizens of countries on that Brazil receives differentiated treatment (Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) have special conditions for obtaining visa.

Building in Brazil is cheaper than in countries of Europe due to the less cost of work force. It follows bellow a cost table by m2 of construction in Brazil:
Simple Standard:    US$ 650,00
Medium Standard: US$ 900,00
Luxury Standard:     US$ 1.150,00
(Values of 2014 – it includes work force and material. It does not include project, landscaping and labor managing)

The construction in Brazil is very different in European countries. Within the main differences is highlighted:
– in Europe the walls are double to protect from cold, in Brazil it is not necessary thermal isolation in walls and roofs. The houses  are more open to allow more ventilation due to heat
– medium and simple residences do not have hot water in the bathrooms and kitchens faucet. In these houses the shower are electrical wit
– the walls of Brazilian houses do not have structural function, it only has the function of closing. The house structure is made of columns and wood and cement
– windows and doors  are commonly made of wood (in simple houses are made of aluminum)  the roofs have wood structure. Sometimes between the roofs and wood structure it is inserted a thin cover to help keeping the house aired.
– The house structure need to be more resistant than in Europe due to the big weight of walls and structures
– Only in high-standard houses there are bathrooms with hydro massage and, commonly, in only one bathroom.

It is recommended to use local techniques of construction, once they are adapted to the existing climate, soil, work force and material.