Coastal house in Saco do Mamanguá

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  • Features

    • Bedrooms: 4 (4 suites)
    • Pool: No
    • Lot Area:
    • Constructed Area:
    • Property Price: R$ 1.990.000,00
    • Location: Saco do Mamanguá

  • Description

    House with four bedrooms, pier, balcony facing the sea

  • About Saco do Mamanguá

    Saco do Mamanguá has eight kilometers long and one kilometer wide. It is an gulf – a part of the sea that enters to the continent. Surround by high mountains, in the end of the gulf there is the largest and best preserved mangrove of Ilha Grande’s bay. Mamanguá has at least twenty permanent beaches and about the same amount of small beaches that are submerged at full tide. Do not have access to car.